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MADE IN PAIN II by OliverJanoschek MADE IN PAIN II by OliverJanoschek
Hi Folks,

This Poster is part of my intermediate exams. Our task had been to make 3 Posters for an ANTI FUR campaign for the WWF (imaginary not actually FOR the WWF)

first of all we had to make 4 concepts each with 3 Posters scribbled in copics technique, so a total of 12 scribbles in A4. finished with this we had to choose one of our concepts and finallize them as a fully Designed and Print Ready Poster in A3.

my chosen concept is named: "MADE IN PAIN"

to explain my thoughts about this campaign. I wanted to create a look that in first will not distract the viewer with the horror of a picture showing something like blood, or a animal suffering because somebody wants to wear its fur. I just wanted to create an image that would look "normal" on first sight and would show all it's horror when you think about it and when you have to face your own imaginations about what happened to the animals that died for the fur you just look at - which is in my opnion more shocking than anything else, because mans imaginations is one of the worst weapons! ;)

As I did most of it bilangual (as it is on nearly every pullover/t-shirt I own) I think there is no problem to understand this poster exept for one thing.

the actual imaginary Label that "produces" this fur is called MORD which is German and means MURDER. inside the MORD typo you might even decipher another word (well it's clearly readable on my 300DPI DinA3 Print ;) - "PARIS" I chose that because France is besides Italy still of the countries where designers still heavily use fur for their haut couture. so don't blame me for doing this, it is a fact ;)

SO I hope you like it

And just a little about the technique:

Everything done in Photoshop

the fur really had been a pain in the ass - first I painted small strokes giving the fur a basic color and textures, I repeated that for 3 further layers each leayer shading the lower layers with a subtle dropshadow. I also used the motion blur filter of PS to get a smoother look. the label is a scanned label of one of my pullovers ;)
basicly all I have to say about that

and last but not least I want to thank ONE single dude in a special way!

first of all I wanted to say thanks to ~ dojoh for the support and for leading me to even better ideas, thanks mate!

props go out to:



and as you know - comments are welcome

zephyrchaser Featured By Owner May 1, 2007   Writer
GREAT way to get the message across--way to go.
trinityz Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2005
sick.. work still...
I was thinkin of doing something like that..
keep it up!!!
sirspy Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2004
wow great job, very realistic looking in thumbnail, tag looks perfect as well
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March 18, 2004
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